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Publication / 25 09 2023

Patent Litigation 2023

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Rights to Inventions and Utility Models" (the "Patent Law"), an invention or utility model is a result of intellectual, creative human activity in any field of technology. Intellectual property rights to either inventions or utility models are confirmed by patents in Ukraine. Legal protection is also provided to secret inventions or utility models that contain information classified as a state secret.

Publication / 01 09 2023

Technology Disputes

Tough competition on the tech market and rapidly emerging technologies cause litigation to cope with a wide range of the emerging legal, economic and technical challenges.

Publication / 01 08 2023

Strengthening Intellectual Property Protection in Ukraine

Ganna Prokhorova and Dmytro Stefanovych for Legal Industry Reviews Ukraine's second edition

Publication / 07 04 2023

The Impact of Patent Expiration on Drug Prices and Availability

Interview with Oleksandr Mamunya (The publication is available in Ukrainian only)

Publication / 10 03 2023

IP in Ukraine during Wartime: General Overview

Mamunya IP contributed to The Legal Industry Reviews Ukraine's first edition

Publication / 21 02 2023

Patent Disputes in Time of War: The Practice of the Supreme Court

Ilona Boliubash and Nataliia Badora explore the complex issue of patent disputes during wartime (The publication is available in Ukrainian only)

Publication / 15 12 2022

Interview of Ganna Prokhorova specially for the Newsletter of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI)

Ganna Prokhorova shared her thoughts with ASIPI community on the situation in Ukraine during the war (The publication is available in Spanish only).

Publication / 23 06 2022

Russia’s unfriendly measures towards IP assets

Oleksandr Mamunya reports on Russian government response to the sanctions for the Patent Lawyer Magazine

Publication / 26 05 2022

Art in times of war

Ganna Prokhorova and Natalia Badora about the culture and art during the war in Ukraine - especially for the Court of Arbitration for Art Newsletter

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