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Mamunya IP is a full scope IP boutique committed to the highest service standards and having a strong team of experienced professionals offering creative solutions to achieve client’s business goals using IP.

About us

Mamunya IP is a highly qualified team with profound experience in IP, ready to cover all the needs of the most demanding clients in IP.

Our team has undeniable expertise recognized by many international researchers.

The company is headed by Оleksandr Mamunya, a well-known IP professional, attorney-at-law, patent, and trademark attorney.

Our aim is to provide high-quality service according to international standards and to offer our clients flexible solutions tailored to each of them.

Oleksandr Mamunya

Partner, Attorney-at-law, Patent and Trademark Attorney

Our team

Oleksandr Mamunya

Since 2003 Oleksandr Mamunya has been practicing law in the areas of intellectual property and litigation. His experience includes litigation and out-of-court dispute resolution over a huge number of patents and well-known trademarks. Oleksandr also handled an essential number of anti-counterfeiting matters. He is an experienced trademark and patent attorney who, in addition to the complicated prosecution matters, worked on complex IP assignments and licensing, and managed IP due diligence.
Oleksandr Mamunya

Oleksandr Mamunya Partner

Ganna Prokhorova

Ganna Prokhorova

Ganna has been working in the field of intellectual property since 2006. She provides long term strategic advice to many well-known domestic and international companies, in particular, on trademarks, designs, unfair competition and copyright. Ganna handles an essential number of IP court cases and domain name disputes representing famous international brand owners. She is also engaged much in fighting counterfeits and protecting plant varieties in Ukraine.

Ganna Prokhorova Counsel, Attorney-at-law

Oleksii Lukianov

Oleksii Lukianov

Oleksii has over 10 years of experience in intellectual property enforcement and litigation within top-tier Ukrainian law firms. His focus is intellectual property and intangible assets litigation. Oleksii is also experienced in complex IP portfolio management and implementation of IP protection strategies.
Oleksii Lukianov

Oleksii Lukianov Associate, Attorney-at-law

Maksym Trykur

Maksym Trykur

Maksym specializes in intellectual property advice and litigation. He also has an extensive experience in dealing with both domestic and foreign innovative businesses. Particularly, Maksym holds cybersecurity and data protection projects as well as regularly assists technology companies with regard to regulatory requirements, conducts IP due diligence, and licensing.
Maksym Trykur

Maksym Trykur Associate

Olga Reznytska

Patent and Trademark Manager
Olga specializes in patent and trademark prosecution. She provides a full scope of services related to IP portfolio management, including registrability/patentability advice, trademark watch service, trademark similarity searches, registration of trademarks/patents, oppositions and responses to provisional refusals, appeals to the Chamber of Appeals etc.
Olga Reznytska

Olga Reznytska Patent and Trademark Manager

Anastasia Mindrul

Patent and Trademark Attorney
Anastasia is primarily focused on legal strategies for protecting and enforcing IP rights, patent and trademark prosecution, pre-trial counseling, copyright enforcement, geographical indications, trade names, industrial designs, representing clients before the Chamber of Appeals of UA PTO.
Anastasia Mindrul

Anastasia Mindrul Patent and Trademark Attorney

Dmytro Stefanovych

Dmytro Stefanovych

Dmytro specializes in IP litigation, with a focus on trademark and domain name disputes. He represents clients before customs authorities, handles anti-counterfeiting matters, and has considerable experience in trademark prosecution and IP portfolio management. His areas of expertise also include personal data protection, licensing and IP due diligence.
Dmytro Stefanovych

Dmytro Stefanovych Associate

Ilona Boliubash

Ilona Boliubash

Ilona specializes in intellectual property litigation with a focus on trademarks and patents, as well as advises clients on copyright and collective rights management. Ilona’s expertise also includes domain name disputes under the UA-DRP, GDPR compliance, data protection, and defamation cases.
Ilona Boliubash

Ilona Boliubash Associate



We have over 15 years of experience in trademark posecution, transactions, trademark enforcement and disputes. Our experience includes litigation and out-of-court dispute resolution regarding well-known trademarks of reputable multinational companies.

Members of our team are recommended by the leading international market researchers as “brilliant litigator – one of the best in the country, having cutting-edge strategies for high-profile and complex matters”.


Patents are our passion. Our expertise includes patent prosecution and enforcement, including complicated litigation. Having patent attorneys with technical background in our team, we successfully overcame office actions regarding very problematic patents and implemented complicated patent enforcement and licensing programs for our clients.

Our team members are permanently recognized as outstanding patent professionals.

Copyright and Related Rights

Our copyright and related rights expertise covers negotiations, transactions and disputes regarding collective management societies and copyright levies. Our experience includes, inter alia, big software copyright disputes, and copyright licensing and transactions in the art business.

Following the global changes in content production and delivery systems, we build the most effective strategies for copyright and related rights protection. Mamunya IP helps not only to reduce the risks of copyright infringement at the stage of project development, but also to provide full protection of rights in case of violation.

Domain Names

Domain name management is one of the major challenges for international brands that are represented in Ukraine or just planning their launch. Our team has repeatedly succeeded in asserting the rights of brand owners in domain name disputes.

Having a certified domain name panelist in the team, we have a strong expertise in domain name disputes. Being at the forefront of the development of regulation of the local domain name zone, Mamunya IP provides the effective protection of the clients' trademarks against unauthorized use in domain names.

Franchising, Licensing, Assignments

Along with elaboration of portfolio management strategies, we offer comprehensive support of operations for launching franchises and issuing licenses. We also provide all the necessary information for making decisions: from conducting research and collecting data to developing and implementing franchising strategies.

Geographical Indications

Protection of geographical names is a relatively new practice for Ukraine, however, we have not only an excellent understanding of the intricacies and nuances of local regulation, but also took an active part in the development of relevant norms.

Following the new legislative requirements in the field of geographical names, our team helps to identify main risks and opportunities for your IP portfolio, as well as ensure maximum protection and respect to the geographical indications in Ukraine.

Plant Varieties

Ukraine has a huge agricultural potential, which makes it especially important to use new technologies and developments in the agricultural business. Ukraine imports a huge amount of products and services developed by the world's leading manufacturers. Protection of their developments is one of the key areas of our work. This includes chemical formulas and compounds, plant varieties, and a wide range of agricultural technologies.


We pay special attention to the protection of know-how as one of the main components of industrial property and the economic competition. We have experience regarding the variety of forms of know-how - from technical developments and formulas to instruments and methods of management and creation of products and services which allows us to secure maximum protection for such sensitive data for our clients.

Customs IP Protection

Patent trolling remains one of the main challenges for companies that export their products to Ukraine. Import of counterfeits and parallel import are also significant issues for IP right holders. Therefore, customs protection of IP is one of the main priorities for Mamunya IP. We ensure rights of exporters and IP owners within the customs procedures, as well as bring the necessary actions for the protection in court.

Protection from Unfair Competition

Having valuable assets in your IP portfolio means high risk of unfair competition and aggressive actions against your business.

When the stakes are high, it is important to provide comprehensive protection to your intangible assets. We are frequently involved in unfair competition cases considered by the Antimonopoly Committee and the courts, and thus know how to ensure appropriate risk management and stop competition violations if they arise.

Anti-counterfeiting and Anti-piracy

Although Ukraine remains a country with a particularly high risk of piracy and counterfeiting, the practice of recent years shows the availability of effective tools for detecting and ceasing the violations.

We at Mamunya IP have a successful track record of anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting solutions in various business areas.

IP Due Diligence and Assessment

IP hygiene is essential for handling your IP portfolio. Understanding the real potential of your intangible assets is critical for it’s effective monetization and protection. Our team has significant expertise in portfolio assessment, audit and risk management to propose the most effective tactics of it’s usage.


Life Science and Pharma

Our team has rich experience in patent litigation in chemistry and pharmaceutical. We know how to effectively protect patent and trademark rights in the pharmaceutical sector. We provide professional legal support to medical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies both in Ukraine and worldwide. Over the past year alone, we have achieved success in several challenging cases related to use of generics and the protection of global pharmaceutical patents.

Consumer Electronics

Mamunya IP works with the largest players in the consumer electronics and mobile devices market. Whether it is protection of core trademarks or fighting patent trolls - our lawyers provide reliable protection of intellectual property of the world's leading manufacturers in Ukraine.

Internet and E-commerce

Our clients’ list includes leading online trading platforms and IT companies. Mamunya IP provides both licensing services, registration of software patents and trademarks, domain names, as well as a full service in the collection, protection and usage of personal data.

Wine, Spirits and Food

Our services are highly regarded by European manufacturers of coffee, wine, representatives of world-known brands of spirits. We know how to protect their intangibles against the threat of counterfeiting & unfair competition, and to provide support in customs & import matters, protect their IP rights of manufacturers in court.

Fashion and Luxury Goods

Ukraine is a promising market for the fashion and luxury goods industry. Protecting the rights of the owners of the world's leading brands is one of the main areas of work of the Mamunya IP's lawyers. Among the latest examples is а successful anti-counterfeiting case regarding the luxury brand portfolio of the leading Ukrainian online trade platform.


It is difficult to find an area that would have a greater impact on the consumer than FMCG. But great influence comes with big risks, and we at Mamunya IP know how to deal with them. Our team provides a full range of services - from IP portfolio audit to IP strategy development, risk management and protection of rights of brand owners in court.


We have been working with the world's leading car manufacturers for about ten years. During this time, we have established reliable partnerships that are based on deep trust and the experience of numerous successful cases. Any car brand can count on reliable protection of its intellectual property in Ukraine if it works with Mamunya IP.


Our team has already taken a prominent place in the booming area of digital content. We effectively counter piracy, resolve complex issues related to the emergence and use of copyright. We can also be proud of a whole list of court victories in matters related to the protection of intellectual property in the media.


Mamunya IP is one of the few law firms in Ukraine that can boast of having lawyers qualified in art law. For us, art is both a promising practice and an important component of social responsibility. Transfer of rights, use of art objects in advertising, transfer of copyrights, valuation and export of art objects- this is an incomplete list of services that we provide in this area.


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