News / 12 02 2024

Golden Horizons: Mamunya IP Shines in WTR 1000 Ranking

According to the World Trademark Review research, Mamunya IP is ranked "Gold" in Intellectual Property in Ukraine.

News / 29 01 2024

Precedent-Setting Victory: Mamunya IP's Legal Strategy Triumphs in Supreme Court

Our team developed a unique legal strategy that resulted in a precedent-setting victory in the Supreme Court regarding patent supplementary protection in Ukraine.

News / 24 01 2024

Mamunya IP Among Top Three IP Firms

We have made it to the top three IP firms according to the annual research of one of the largest Ukrainian legal publishers «Yurydychna Praktyka»

News / 05 01 2024

Mamunya IP Among Top in 'Lawyer of the Year 2023' Study

Mamunya IP continues to dominate the Ukrainian IP market.

Publication / 25 12 2023

Adaptation Period

Although facing notable challenges, the legal services market in the IP field is dynamic and resilient, showcasing a characteristic trait of Ukraine in recent years.

Publication / 25 12 2023

The Name "Corvalol" Is Not Associated With a Specific Manufacturer

Kyiv-based pharmaceutical companies "Farmak" and "Darnytsia" have been in legal battles for 16 years over the brand of a medication. (The publication is available in Ukrainian only)

Publication / 21 12 2023

Oleksandr Mamunya Analyzes the Impact of New Laws on Intellectual Property in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Insights from a Special Course for Pharmaceutical Sector Lawyers

Publication / 21 12 2023

Non-Transparent Copyright Levies Slow Down Industry Development

Global experience in regulating cross-industry economic interest conflicts. (The publication is available in Ukrainian only)

Publication / 21 12 2023

Legal Expert: Corvalol Recognized as a Medication, Not a Trademark

The story of the legal dispute between pharmaceutical companies Farmak and Darytsia. (The publication is available in Ukrainian only)

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