Project / 20 07 2023

Patent invalidation matter

Our team successfully represented Synthon International Holding B.V. in the litigation case aimed at invalidation of the patent of the competitor of our client.

Synthon International Holding B.V., an international pharmaceutical company specialized in science-centred developing and manufacturing high-quality generic and hybrid medicines, filed a lawsuit in Ukraine to cancel the competitor’s patent re method of treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS), the most common type of multiple sclerosis. According to the National MS Society, RRMS affects about 85% of the MS population.

Handling the case required effective cooperation with the expects in pharma, chemistry and patents, and deep understanding of the Ukrainian patenting rules and practices.

The case consideration included three expert reports, cross-examination of four experts in pharma and patents, a chain of procedural challenges posed by the opponent, and two rounds of case consideration.

Eventually, all the courts have sided with our Client, with the Supreme Court ultimately confirming Synthon’s claims for invalidation of the respective patent of Ukraine.

The case in Ukraine was of high importance not only for the client but also for patients suffering from RRMS who are in constant need of affordable treatment. We are pleased to be involved in making this therapy available to millions of people.

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