News / 08 11 2021

Mamunya IP supports IP Ukraine NOW 2021

Mamunya IP is proud to support IP Ukraine NOW, a forum that brings together IP professionals and state authorities to discuss the opportunities, key trends and best practices in the intellectual property in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Bar Association, one of the largest public organizations of legal professionals in Ukraine, has held the annual IP Ukraine NOW event for the intellectual property industry.


This time the speakers focused, inter alia, on the IP reform being handled in Ukraine, the IP court being launched, the problems of protection from unfair competition, the Chamber of Appeals of the UA PTO, as well as on other issues in the area.


Oleksandr Mamunya, Chair of the UBA Intellectual Property Committee, and Bohdan Lvov, Vice-President of the Supreme Court, opened the forum and welcomed its participants. Oleksandr moderated the first session of the event.


Upon the conference, we will draft and approve a resolution that will be sent to the Government. The resolution is to support the process for creation of the specialty IP-court

- Oleksandr Mamunya

Bohdan Lvov thanked the Ukrainian Bar Association for its careful attention to IP and noted that IP Ukraine NOW is the platform where IP professionals can share their opinions, hear and be heard by others. He also commented on the urgency of establishing the IP court: "Certainly, this is a positive step, and such a task should be one of the top priorities for the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine. However, unfortunately, it is impossible to forecast when exactly the IP court will be finally launched."


During the first session, led by Oleksandr Mamunya, practicing attorneys and government officials held a dialogue. They discussed public administration, IP policy-making, performance by the National Intellectual Property Office of Ukraine, the IP court, and analyzed the latest jurisprudence.


Heated debate on other essential issues continued during the following sessions.

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